Part One: On Prophecies and Visions
Introduction to Part One
1The 5th Karmapa's Prophecies
2On the Visions of Chokgyur Lingpa-Geshe Dawa Gyaltsen
3On the Prophecies of the 16th Karmapa-Geshe Dawa Gyaltsen
4Guru Rinpoche's Prediction Resurfaces
Part Two: Clarification of History
Introduction to Part Two
5A Misquote of Shakabpa
6Misrepresentation of the 6th Shamarpa
7The 10th Karmapa Narrates
8Grudges Did Not Lead to War
9The Chagmo Lama
10The 10th Shamarpa
11Karma Chagmed
Part Three: Karmapa's Administration at Risk
Introduction to Part Three
12Malaise in Rumtek
13Tulka Urgyen Rinpoche's Views
14False Accusation and Failed Bribe
15One Trustee Tricked to Resign
16How Three Rinpoches Became KCT Trustees
17The Dissolution of the Four Regents
18Situ Requests meeting in 1986
19Shamarpa's Search Proves Promising
20Groundless Rumblings Target Topga
21Shamarpa Announces Karmapa Thaye Dorje's Name in 1991
22Situ's Prediction Letter
23Final Meeting with Jamgon
24Roychoudhury Speaks Up
25Discord in Sikkim
26On the Sale of Tashi Choling
27A Reality Check
Part Four: The 17th Karmapa Controversy
Introduction to Part Four
28Topga Analyses Situ's Prediction Letter
29On the So-called "Heart Sons" - Shamar Rinpoche
30Praise Their Own and Denigrate Others
31Who is Akong Tulku? - Karma Wangchuk
32Bite the Hand that Feeds - Jigme Rinpoche
33A Red Herring
34Rumtek Monastery - Karma Wangchuk
35One Vajra Crown
36Limitless Karma - Geshe Dawa Gyaltsen
37Delhi High Court Asks for Proof
38The Dust Settles
Appendix A: Letters and References
A-1Chandra Das Dictionary definition of "Natha"
A-2Letter dated Nov 11, 2005 from Khenpo Tsering to L.Terhune
A-3Excerpt from Tibet: A Political History, Shakabpa: page 98
A-4Situ Rinpoche's prediction letter and M. Martin's translation
A-5Cover of videotape distributed in Taiwan
A-62006 letter from Rumtek Monks to Tenzing Chonyi of KTD
A-7The 5th Dalai Lama's Hierarchy of Lamas -17th century
A-8Chen Li-An's secret meet in Gangtok exposed in Indian Express
A-9Letter dated July 19, 2005 from Khenpo Chodrag to M.Brown
A-10Letter dated Jan 31, 2006 from Jigme Rinpoche to M.Brown
A-11Letter dated Sep 19, 1983 from Jamgon Rinpoche to L.Terhune
A-12Letter dated Sep 21, 2004 from Professor R.Thurman
A-13Karmapa Ogyen Trinley quoted in Sikkim news - NOW!
A-14Institution of Shamarpas absent in Karmapa the Sacred Prophecy
A-15Letter from Akong to Chief Minister N.B. Bhandari
A-16Letter form Shamarpa to Bhandari dated January 15, 1994
Appendix B: Karmapa Charitable Trust Letters and Minutes on Tashi Choling
B-1Letter dated Nov 10, 1986 from Topga to Bhutan Gov't
B-2Karmapa Charitable Trust minutes dated May 5, 1988 - excerpts
B-3Reply dated June 7, 1988 from Bhutan Gov't to KCT
B-4Letter dated June 14, 1988 from Topga to Bhutan Gov't
B-5Letter dated Jan 31, 1989 from Bhutan Gov't to KCT
B-6Letter dated Feb 19, 1989 from T.S. Gyaltsen to Bhutan Gov't
B-7Letter dated March 9, 1989 from Topga to Bhutan Gov't
B-8Agreement dated June 1, 1989 between Bhutan Gov't and KCT
B-9Karmapa Charitable Trust minutes dated April 13, 1989
B-10Karmapa Charitable Trust minutes dated Sep 3, 1989
Appendix C: Court Decisions and Reports on Rumtek Monastery
C-1The Gangtok, Sikkim Court decision dated August 26, 2003
C-2The Supreme Court decision on appeal July 5, 2004
C-3Three bulletins on court case filed in Gangtok, Sikkim
C-4Inventory check at Rumtek
Appendix D: Tibetan Originals of the Prophecies
D-1The 5th Karmapa's prophecies in Tibetan
D-2Guru Rinpoche's Book of Predictions - excerpts